Authorise and consent to transfer of data


A feature of the e-AR is the ability to display to the Designated Group Employer, the Ordinary Members' (your) tax paid and total wages.

This helps the Designated Group Employer complete the group reconciliation efficiently and correctly.

To ensure privacy and/or secrecy provisions are not breached, your authority to display your data to the Designated Group Employer is required.

Authorised user

Terms and conditions for access to and use of the PTX Express site

PTX Express is a secure site containing confidential information obtained under or in relation to administering a taxation law. Only users with an Access Authority from the State Revenue Office (SRO) are allowed to access and use this secure site.

Taxation Acts and privacy laws have provisions prohibiting people from accessing, recording or disclosing anyone's taxation and personal information except in certain circumstances. There are severe penalties for breaking these provisions.

Your Username and Password allow you limited access as a user to the secure site solely and exclusively for conducting your payroll tax business in accordance with the Payroll Tax Act 2007. Such access and use are subject to the secrecy provisions of taxation laws and privacy laws.

It is your obligation, and in your interest, to safeguard your Customer Number, Username and Password from unauthorised use.


Access Authority means an authority granted to a user by the responsible officer of the SRO authorising access and use of the secure site solely and exclusively for administering a taxation law subject to certain conditions and secrecy provisions of taxation laws and privacy laws. Users who have been granted an Access Authority are given their own Username and Password that enables them to gain access to or use the secure site in accordance with the conditions imposed.

Password means a confidential alphanumeric password containing at least seven characters in upper and lower case. When used with your Username, the Password enables access to the secure site.

User means a person authorised to access and use the secure site under an Access Authority.

Taxation Acts include, among others, the Payroll Tax Act 2007.


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