How do I make changes if I have already lodged my AR?

If a previously lodged 2018-19 AR return is incorrect, you can lodge a replacement AR return.

Click the Annual Reconciliation button on the left hand navigation bar. You will then be presented with the 2018-19 Electronic Annual Reconciliation (e-AR) page. On this page, click on the Edit link in the Actions column to the right of the most recently lodged AR.

The Review Details page will then be displayed showing the information previously lodged. To start changing data on this return, use the NEXT button on the bottom of the screen to take you to the screen where you need to change data.

Please note that data changed on certain screens may force you to review all subsequent screens.

For example, if in your initial return you indicated that you paid no FBT but in your updated return you indicate that you do pay FBT, this will change your Victorian Taxable Wages and your Liability Calculation. As a result, you will be required to review all screens from the Victorian Wages screen onwards.

Once you have changed the necessary data YOU MUST go to the Lodgement page and click on the LODGE button. This will send a replacement AR return to the SRO. The 2018-19 Electronic Annual Reconciliation (e-AR) page will then be displayed showing a record of the replacement return lodgement and its lodgement number.

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