Vendor Details


Vendor details are required to identify the owner of the property, and must be entered prior to proceeding to the next screen.

What information do I need to complete Vendor Details?

In order to complete this section you will need to know who the vendor is and determine whether the vendor is the same person as the registered proprietor.

Usually you will be able to source this information from:

  1. A Contract of Sale of Real Estate;
  2. A Title; or
  3. The contents of a Statement provided by the Vendor pursuant to Section 32 of the Land Transfer Act 1958.

How do I complete this section?

Vendor Type

A Vendor can be either a person or an organisation.

If the Vendor is a person then you will be required to complete the First Name and Family Name

If the Vendor is an organisation, you will be required to complete the Organisation Name

Registered Proprietor Details

In the majority of cases the Registered Proprietor and the Vendor is the same person or organisation. In this case you are not required to complete the Registered Proprietor’s details.

If the registered proprietor and vendor are different then you will be required to enter the Registered Proprietors details as well. Select the relevant radio button and if necessary the first Registered Proprietor’s type.

Address Details

Address Details for the Vendor are not mandatory, however the supply of such details may assist the SRO to facilitate a faster turn around time for delivery of the certificates. For a Vendor who is a person and their address is the same as the property address you only enter it once as the property address.

In cases where you have supplied multiple vendor details, only one address is required if you decide to supply such details. The Address type can be House/Building/Shop where the address is a residential address and Lot where the address is not a residential address.

Multiple Vendors

In cases where a property is owned by more than 1 vendor, you have the option to enter up to  5 vendors.

When there is more than one vendor, you must complete the details of the 2nd and subsequent vendors on separate screens.

If there are more than 5 vendors, you may still complete the application using the first 5 vendors however, you may experience delays in processing.