Taxable components


Taxable Victorian wages are the total wages taxable under Victorian legislation before the actual deduction is subtracted.

Components definition

Taxable wages for Victorian payroll tax purposes are broken up into components for the reconciliation.

Taxable and non-taxable components

Please ensure you do not include non-taxable components. Use this checklist to help you determine the taxability of certain payments for the financial year.

Payroll tax exemption for CFA and Victorian SES volunteers

An exemption applies from 1 November 2006 for wages paid or payable to employees who are absent from work to volunteer as firefighters or respond to other emergencies.

The payroll tax exemption applies to employers who provide emergency workers volunteering for organisations such as the Country Fire Authority, the State Emergency Service, St John Ambulance, Red Cross, Volunteer Coast Guards and Life Saving Victoria.

The exemption will not apply if those employees are away on official leave, for example recreation, annual, long service or sick leave.


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