Supporting documents

You are required to upload all documents relevant to your transaction. It is advised that your documents are scanned and stored in your computer for ready to upload.  If you are unsure of which documents should be submitted please see the evidentiary requirements manual.

Document type

Each lodgement category will have its own set of evidentiary requirements. The required documents will default for each transaction category under “Document type” dropdown list. However if you have additional documents that you wish to submit, you may do so, by selecting the “Other” document type.  Failing to submit all supporting documentation may delay the turn-around time of the lodgement. 


By selecting the “Browse” option, the system directs you to find the location of your scanned documents.


You are required to upload per document at a time.  Please note that per document submitted for a lodgement, cannot exceed 20mb. Documents that have been uploaded but not submitted within 30 days will not be retained as an attachment. They will need to be uploaded again prior to submitting the transaction.


If you do not wish to submit an uploaded document, you can remove the document from the list by selecting “Remove”.

File name

The uploaded scanned document appear under “File name” field.


By selecting the “Submit” tab, you will be acknowledged that your lodgement has been submitted successfully. You will also receive a confirmation email of the same to the email address you provided at registration. Your registration will expire after you successfully submitted your lodgement. You will not have the access to your lodgement beyond this point.

Note:  Before selecting to submit, we advise you to:

  • Check the accuracy of data that you have inputted and documents you have uploaded, and
  • Ensure that you hold funds for payment of duty

Abandon and start-over 

At this point if you wish not to submit you can always abandon your lodgement and start a new lodgement via a new registration.

Note: You can only start a new lodgement if you submit or abandon your current lodgement