SRO records

Nightly update

The pre-populated data in the fields generally reflect our records current as at the last batch update of data from our database to the e-AR application database.

The batch update of our database occurs each night. The batch jobs updating reconciliation data generally occur between 2am and 5am.

The exception to the display of current data is where an e-AR has been submitted. If any customer reopens a submitted Annual Reconciliation period, the data displayed will be as it was at the time of submission, notwithstanding that a change to the data could have occurred on our database. In addition, Designated Group Employers will be presented with the data 'as submitted' by Ordinary Members of the group, who have authorised the transfer of data to the Designated Group Employer.


If you need further information on this topic, please contact our payroll tax enquiry service on 13 21 61.