Software and security requirements

The e-AR software has been designed to run on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 with minimum of 128-bit encryption installed. Older versions of Internet Explorer might not be compatible and you may need to install 128-bit encryption to ensure the security of your information.

To check the current level of encryption installed on your machine:

  1. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer)
  2. At the top of your web browser, click on the option titled Help
  3. From the list of options displayed, click on About Internet Explorer
  4. A screen will be displayed similar to the one below

    Microsoft IE About page showing  cipher strength - 256-bit

  5. If your Cipher Strength is 128-bit or greater (as highlighted above) you already have the 128-bit encryption installed and don't need to do anything,
  6. If your Cipher Strength is less than 128-bit, e.g. 56-bit, you need to install an encryption upgrade.

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