Security structure

There are a number of security measures in place to safeguard your e-AR transaction.

To protect from unauthorised lodgement, there is password identification at log in, with users needing to enter their username and password.

Entry to the e-AR site is made through a separate page to our website, which ensures you have 128 bit encryption, which is difficult to break, much more so than 40 bit encryption. This means that all data passing between your PC and the PTX Express server is encoded so that non-authorised people cannot interpret the data. 

The PTX Express server, which houses the e-AR database, is protected by a firewall, which only allows the PTX Express transactions to cross to the server. Only e-AR data is kept on the PTX Express server. All other payroll tax data is kept on our database, which is protected by a second firewall. Neither system can directly access data on the other server.

After the e-AR is completed and when you exit from each session, your data is stored in the e-AR database. When you submit your e-AR, that data is transmitted to our in-house system and is no longer available via the PTX Express system.

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