Review payment

Discrepancy check

If the Payroll Tax Paid figure as shown in the Review Payments page in the e-AR program does not equal the amount you have paid, please check the following:

  • Check your bank statements and ensure all payments made to the SRO have been cleared.
  • Check for transcription or addition errors.
  • Ensure you have not included payments relating to either a previous financial year or relating to interest or penalties.

If, after checking all the above, you still believe there is a discrepancy and you can identify which payment(s) it relates to, please update the Total Tax Paid amount and advise the following in the free text box at the bottom of the Review Payments page:

  • Amount in $.
  • Date cleared on your statement.
  • Your bank and branch name.
  • Your BSB number.
  • Your account number.
  • How it was paid (i.e. online payment, EFT, BPAY, Credit Card).

If payment details for the same reconciliation period have changed since your last submission, please record the current payment details and advise that payment details have changed since the last submission in the Discrepancy or Comments Box at the bottom of the Review Payments page.

If you have changed the reconciliation period, the SRO record of payments considered eligible for the changed reconciliation period is displayed.


If you need more information on this topic, contact our payroll tax enquiry service on 13 21 61.