Registered users of the Clearance Certificate System


Registered Users are typically those who request Land Tax Clearance Certificates on a high volume basis. Such users will be able to retrieve the certificates via the SRO web site.

How to Become a Registered User

A User ID and Password are required in order for you to be a registered user.

If you wish to become a registered user please provide the following information on your company letterhead and mail to the address listed:

  • Contact name
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address (Land Tax Clearance Certificates will be forwarded to this address)

Mail your request as follows:

The Manager
Land Tax Clearance Certificates
State Revenue Office
GPO Box 1641
Melbourne VIC 3001


  1. Multiple Applications per session
    Registered users can apply for several certificates in a single session whereas casual users can only apply for one certificate at a time.
  2. Saving Applications.
    A registered user can save an unsubmitted application and at a later point of time complete the application.
  3. Default Information.
    Certain registration information is prepopulated into the Clearance Certificate online system.