Property details

Address of the property

The address of the property being transacted is to be selected from the list available. However, if the address is not available in the list you are required to input the address data into the structured format. All available property addresses are required to be entered for each “Add new property” field.

Each distinct property address needs to be added as “Add new property” and not as “Add land identifier”. This is to be utilised only if a property consists of more than one volume and folio

Land identifier type

The property that is transacted can have one or more land identifiers. The source document for land identifier is the current certificate of title of the property that is to be transferred to the new owner. A maximum of 20 property identifiers are available for entry pertaining to each property address entered. Please make sure to ENTER all volumes and folios completely and accurately, including any accessory units. Land identifiers listed in dropdown to choose from are:

  • Volume and folio
  • Lot and plan number
  • Book and memorial number