Property Address


The property address is required in order for the SRO to determine the amount of land tax outstanding on that property. It is important to provide as much detail as possible in order for the SRO to process the application as quickly as possible.

What information will I need to complete this section?

As a minimum you must know the address of the property ie the number, street name, suburb/locality and postcode. To hasten the processing time for your certificate you should also supply references such as the:

  1. Volume and Folio Numbers
  2. Lot and Plan Numbers
  3. Book and Memorial
  4. Crown References

These numbers are obtained from the certificate of title.

How do I complete this section?

You must complete the address details as a minimum:

  1. Number 2.
  2. Street Name
  3. Suburb/locality and
  4. Postcode

Property References

It is the title references which uniquely identify a property and by providing these details you will help to ensure a fast turnaround time for receipt of your certificate(s).The information that is required to complete the references is :

  • Volume and Folio numbers
  • Lot and Plan numbers
  • Area Measurement or unit entitlement

Other references that may assist the process are:

  • Crown References
  • Book and Memorial details

You can provide up to 5 properties references per application.