Primary payroll tax paid by other members


If a Designated Group Employer has already lodged their Annual Reconciliation using the e-AR and if the Ordinary Member has authorised the transfer of data for display purposes to the Designated Group Employer, the e-AR program provides you with the State Revenue Office record of customers who are part of your group, and their Annual Reconciliation wages and tax paid. Please ensure you check the Ordinary Members disclosures and obtain details from any members whose wages are not displayed.

Reconciliation of members tax paid

The State Revenue Office record of members tax paid is updated every night to take into account any changes and members Annual Reconciliation Data Advice of incorrect tax paid details are processed on a day to day basis. In order for your disclosure of tax paid to reconcile with the disclosures of tax paid by Ordinary Members of the group or by non-scheduled members, please ensure that you do not include any agency payments that have been excluded on other member's reconciliations.

Important issue

Any over payment (refund) or under payment (assessment) generated after our calculation of the group reconciliation is issued to the Designated Group Employer.

Discrepancy check

If the Total Paid by Ordinary Members figure, as shown in the Ordinary Member Total Payments field in the e-AR program, does not include all member details, check with members of the group to ensure they have lodged their return and authorised you to see their wage and tax paid details.

If, after checking all the above, you still believe there is a discrepancy and you can identify which payment(s) it relates to, please update the Total Tax Paid amount and advise the following in the Payment Discrepancies or Comments field at the bottom of the Review Payments page:

  • Amount ($),
  • Date cleared on your statement,
  • Your bank and branch,
  • BSB number,
  • Your account number,
  • How it was paid (i.e. online payment, EFT, BPAY)


If you need further information on this topic, please contact our payroll tax enquiry service on 13 21 61.