Online payment authorisation

Two methods of online payment authorisation

1. Primary (single) authorisation

This allows any user with Lodger access to authorise the online payment immediately. This is the most common form of authorisation where it is assumed that the person lodging the return also has authorisation to approve any online payment.

2. Secondary (dual) authorisation

This level of authorisation requires the lodger to complete the return and another person within the organisation, a secondary authoriser, to approve the online payment.

Until the secondary authoriser approves the payment, the payment will not be processed. This level of authorisation is typically used by larger organisations requiring approval of all payroll tax payments by management, finance department, etc.

When the company first registers their online account, the system asks if secondary authorisation is required. This function is optional.

If Secondary Authorisation is not selected, the system will automatically apply Primary (single) Authorisation to all online payments.

If, however, dual authorisation is selected then the payment administrator must select a user to be the default secondary authoriser. This user must have payment administrator access and is typically, but not necessarily, the same user who registered the online account.

Once a user has been selected they will receive an automatic email whenever the lodger submits a return and chooses to make an online payment. The email will inform the secondary authoriser that an outstanding payment is due for authorisation and what steps to take to approve the payment.


If you need further information on this topic, please contact our payroll tax enquiry service on 13 21 61.