Lodging additional returns

If you have entered incorrect details on your monthly return, you can lodge a replacement by selecting the return period via the Select Another Return Period button.

As the return has previously been lodged, you will see a button called Lodge Replacement.

Click this button and it will display the previous lodgement for that return period in an editable format. You can amend the wages (or wage components) and lodge the replacement. Previous tax paid for this period will also be included in the calculation of the new liability. The new return will be sent to us and will replace the previous one.

Net tax payable

Payment options will be displayed if there is a net tax payable.

Tax overpaid

If you have overpaid your monthly return, you can make an adjustment for this overpayment in your annual reconciliation in July or in your next monthly return.

Alternatively, you can apply for a refund.


If you need further information on this topic, please contact our payroll tax enquiry service on 13 21 61.