Lodger details

You as a lodger may lodge transaction (s) on your behalf or for other persons. You have in possession the mandatory documents required to the transaction such as a transfer of land form and funds for payment of duty.

Your email, reference ID, contact number

You as a lodger will start a new lodgement by selecting the “Land transfer” tab on the homepage. The system prompts you to register for land transfer lodgement with a valid email address.

The email address will be prepopulated at the “Lodger details” page.

You will receive a “Welcome email” to your email address provided at registration, with a reference ID which:

  • Is to be entered into the registration page within 24 hours to complete the registration, 
  • Allows you to resume a saved lodgement or complete it, and
  • Is your key to track down the transaction process

Your registration will expire after successful submission of the lodgement, or after 30 days of inactivity. 

On successful completion of the registration you can start entering data of your transaction.

Lodger entity type

You are a person or an entity registering as a lodger and may be one of the following:

  • Individual
  • Company
  • Partnership
  • Organisation
  • Association

Lodger name and contact name

The contact name must always be a name of a person. The lodger name can be a person or an entity:

  • Where the lodger is an individual, the lodger name is the contact name
  • Where the lodger is a company, the lodger name is the company name whereas the contact name is your name  
  • Where the lodger is an organisation, the lodger name is the organisation name whereas  the contact name is your name