About the Help facility

The Help facility supports the completion of the online Land Tax Clearance Certificate application.

The structure of the Help facility follows the application sequence.

What information will you need to complete an Application?

Before you commence an application you should have the following documentation:

1. A copy of the Certificate of Title

A certificate of title details key information such as who is the current registered proprietor of the property, which in most cases is the same as the Vendor.

The distinct features of the property are detailed in the certificate of title, such as:

  1. Volume and Folio numbers, lot and plan numbers.

2. A copy of the contract of Sale of Real Estate

A contract of sale of real estate when executed by all relevant parties is a legally binding document.

A contract of sale of real estate details full names and addresses of:

In addition the contract of sale of real estate also details the consideration, settlement dates and any special conditions pertaining to the sale of the property.

  1. The purchaser
  2. The Vendor
  3. The Estate Agent

4. A copy of a Section 32 Vendor's statement, if applying on behalf of the purchaser

A Section 32 statement is a statement made by the vendor detailing any special conditions relating to the property such as estimated annual council and water rates, planning permits, and copies of certificate of title.