Duties Online determination

Duties Online (DOL) allows registered users to electronically submit details of the most common types of property transfers and declarations of trust for assessment from the convenience of their office.

In the case of a land transfer, it is no longer necessary to have the transfer of land stamped. Instead, when the electronic transaction is finalised and paid or exempted, DOL will instantly transmit confirmation of the duty assessment to the Registrar of Titles. The confirmation details are stored in the Registrar of Titles database until the Transfer of Land is lodged for registration. The details are then used to confirm that the duty obligations have been met.

For declarations of trust, registered users can print a certificate directly from DOL as evidence of the payment of duty.

DOL determination transactions are transactions authorised to be processed in DOL.

DOL processes 22 transaction types, comprising 13 of the most basic land transfer transactions and 9 combination transactions. The DOL User Guide provides a full list of transaction types.