Clearance Certificate Application Details


The insertion of the correct application details will result in you being presented with the relevant screens during the completion of the application.

How do I complete this section?

Applicant, Vendor and Property Address Type

To choose the correct Applicant, Vendor and Property address type, select the relevant radio button. The relevant screens will then be displayed during the completion of the application.

Note there can be multiple Vendors enter the type for the first Vendor.

Application Reason

There are three application reasons from the drop down box.

You should select one of the following:

  1. Purchaser Application
  2. Finance/Mortgage Application
  3. Vendor/Owner Application

Property References

It is necessary to enter the property's references in order for the system to identify the correct property. You can choose from four reference types, lot and plan, volume and folio, book and memorial and crown references. Select the type of reference you have in the scroll down menu. If you have more than one reference, select the first one from the drop down menu and you will be given the opportunity to enter the remaining reference types during entry of your application.

Recent Subdivisions

If the property in question has been created in the current year or is part of a recent subdivision it is necessary to enter the parent property references in order to calculate the correct liability for the property. If this is the case select the recent subdivisions radio buttons and the first parent reference type.