Add more transactions

If there is more than one transaction pertaining to a transfer, the Add more Transactions function allows you to lodge all transactions simultaneously.

For contracts or transfers on or after 1 July 2017, you must have a form ID number for each transaction. When adding a transaction, please enter the additional form ID. For example, a sub-sale or directing party transaction requires the lodging of two transfers: the initial transfer from Person 1 to Person 2 and then the subsequent transfer from Person 2 to Person 3. Once you have entered the data relating to the initial transfer, the Add more Transactions function allows you to enter data relating to the second transfer and submit the two together.

This function does not allow you to enter multiple transactions that are of a different lodgement category. For example, a transaction pertaining to the related party transfer category cannot be lodged with a transaction pertaining to a declaration of trust. Each transaction must be completed and lodged separately.