Access levels

Access levels can only be modified by an 'Access Administrator'.

Access levels available in PTX Express
Access Level Details of what this access level will allow
  • lodge payroll tax returns
  • view Return History
  • create online payments
  • authorise online payments if there is an account created and no secondary authorisation is in place
  • update records (e.g. employer details, contact details, group details, address)
  • apply for a refund
Access Administrator
  • add users
  • modify user access levels
  • change passwords
  • suspend users
  • delete users
  • update user contact details
Payment Administrator
  • register online payment account details
  • provide secondary authorisation
  • make online payment (if account created)
  • view Return History
  • view Return History
  • view records
  • previously authorised – but no longer has authorisation to log in to PTX Express